Friday, February 22, 2013

Phi Kappa Phi Forum Online Extras – Spring 2013

The spring 2013 edition of Phi Kappa Phi Forum, "Good News, Bad News," is arriving in member mailboxes this month. As a companion to the magazine, check out these Online Extras that dig deeper into the topics explored in this edition.

Footnotes and Annotated Reading List: "Living Longer, Often with Dementia" by Susan H. McFadden and John T. McFadden

Footnotes: "Can American Women Have It All and Be Happy?" by Ling-Yi Zhou

Photo Gallery and Footnotes: "Speaking Out for Dying Languages" by Merryl Kravitz

Crossword Puzzle Solution: "Dueling Headlines" by Jim Bernhard

Footnotes: "Bug Off!" by Catherine C. Shoults

Footnotes: "Scaling Adult Obesity" by Angela Lumpkin

Photo Gallery: "Auditing the Course of Academia" by Rodney Hughes

Member News: Unabridged

In Memoriam: Unabridged

Poetry: Runner-up from the magazine contest

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