Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wear Your Pin to Win!

Whether it’s at work, in the airport, or on campus, we want to know why you wear your Phi Kappa Phi pin! Share a photo of yourself wearing your Society pin in public for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card and be featured in Society materials. To enter, post your picture to the Phi Kappa Phi Facebook page or tweet @PhiKappaPhi. Be sure to include why you wear your pin when you submit your photo. The contest will run throughout the year with winners selected randomly at the end of September, December, March and June. (Must be an active Society member to enter.)

Questions? Email hbreaux@phikappaphi.org.


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  2. One of the problems that arise for a male when deciding to "try" to wear the pin is its configuration. Unlike pins that I have received from other honor societies, the Phi Kappa Phi pin is almost impossible to arttach to a suit or sport coat. I tried a few times with little success. Now it sits in its box. I look at it once in a while but that is all.

    1. A version with a frog back would be very helpful. That would help me to wear this lovely pin to many more places.

    2. Thank you for this helpful feedback! We will submit this to our Merchandise Team.