Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Phi Kappa Phi Announces Scholar, Artist, and Distinguished Service Awards

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi—the nation’s oldest and most selective all-discipline honor society—is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2014-2016 Phi Kappa Phi Artist, Phi Kappa Phi Scholar, and Ray Sylvester Phi Kappa Phi Distinguished Service awards.

Dr. Peter Larlham (left) in Tanzania.
Dr. Peter Larlham
San Diego State University
2014-2016 Ray Sylvester Phi Kappa Phi Distinguished Service Recipient

An accomplished teacher of acting, directing, and improvisation, Dr. Peter Larlham’s career spans more than 40 years. In addition to his leadership and achievement as a scholar, he has made a substantial impact through his service commitments both of a national and international scope.

One of Larlham’s most noteworthy and sustained service endeavors is The Mnyakongo Primary School Project in Tanzania. During a visit in the summer of 2008, Larlham was devastated by the poor condition of the school’s library and has since carried out a commitment to transform the village of Kongwa, its school, and the well-being of the students.

The project’s scope to date has included building a school library stocked with more than 8,500 books, helping secure electricity and running water for the campus, refurbishing buildings, and buying goats to provide milk for the school lunch program. The initiative, under Larlham’s leadership, continues to expand its efforts each year.

Larlham has taught at the SDSU School of Theatre, Television, and Film since 1987. He holds a Ph.D. from New York University.

See the full press release here.

Dr. Jeffrey Snedeker
Dr. Jeffrey Snedeker
Central Washington University
2014-2016 Phi Kappa Phi Artist

Dr. Jeffrey Snedeker’s career as a performing artist and scholar spans 25 years. During this time, he has played concertos, recitals, and natural horn and jazz performances throughout the U.S., and in Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, Finland, Taiwan, South Africa, and Australia. He also has released two critically-acclaimed solo recordings featuring the horn in a jazz setting and two solo recordings of the natural horn.

Receiving numerous performance and teaching awards, Snedeker is a leader on his campus and in his field. Most notably, he received first place in the Natural Horn Division of the 1991 American Horn Competition. In addition, he holds the 2012 Washington Music Educators Association Higher Education Educator of the Year and the 2014 Washington State Ormsby Award for Faculty Citizenship.

Snedeker has taught in the Music Department at CWU since 1991. He holds a Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

See the full press release here.

Dr. Carolyn Eggleston
Dr. Carolyn Eggleston
California State University, San Bernardino
2014-2016 Phi Kappa Phi Scholar

Dr. Carolyn Eggleston has been a leader and pioneer for the advancement of correctional education for more than 35 years. She is the founder and director of the Center for the Study of Correctional Education (CSCE) at Cal State San Bernardino. The center, founded in 1991, provides teachers and administrators who work in local, state, federal, and private correctional institutions with support services, resources, education, and training for teaching in confinement institutions and alternative settings.

In 2010, after years of planning and advocacy, Eggleston also developed the Cal State San Bernardino Reentry Initiative (CSRI), which she currently serves as executive director. The breakthrough program is an innovative partnership between the university and California Department of Corrections that aims to transform the post-incarceration experience of former inmates through an educationally-based rehabilitation program.

Eggleston has served at CSUSB since 1991 as faculty in the special education credential and master’s program. She holds a Ph.D. from Virginia Commonwealth University.

See the full press release here.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Phi Kappa Phi Photo-A-Day Challenge

Join us beginning May 1 for the first Phi Kappa Phi Photo-a-Day Challenge! Use each daily prompt to inspire you to show your Phi Kappa Phi pride with photos on social media and be entered for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card.

1. Check out the daily prompts (see graphic below) throughout May.
2. Take a photo and share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
3. Use the hashtag #PKPPhotoADay.

At the end of May, we will choose one winner—selected at random from all daily photos—to receive a $100 Visa gift card. We’ll also feature some of our favorite photos throughout the month.

Each daily prompt is just an idea to help your creativity flow! Feel free to share any photo that fits your interpretation of the daily prompt. Post photos as often or as little as you want (you don’t have to participate every day to win). And don’t forget to check out what your fellow Phi Kappa Phi members are posting each day. Just search #PKPPhotoADay to see what is being shared!

May 1-31, 2014
Winner announced June 3, 2014

Facebook at /PhiKappaPhi
Twitter @PhiKappaPhi
Instagram @PhiKappaPhi

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New PhiKappaPhi.org Coming Soon

Soon you will notice a new look and added features when you visit us online at PhiKappaPhi.org.

Some of the new features will include:

Design and Layout
The streamlined navigation and reorganized content will help you reach your desired destination more quickly. And the more engaging design may help you discover some new points of interest along the way.

Mobile-Friendly Design
A "responsive design" means no more tiresome pinching and zooming when you visit PhiKappaPhi.org from your tablet or smartphone. The new mobile-friendly design will prioritize content and auto scale to look good on any device.

Member and Volunteer Networking
A new centralized networking platform will allow members to connect online according to interests, geography, and more. Chapter officers and volunteers will be able to collaborate and learn from one another in a secure, private online community.

Stay tuned for more!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

It's National Volunteer Week!

This year marks the 40th anniversary of National Volunteer Week, a Points of Light program that aims to demonstrate the enduring importance of recognizing volunteers for their vital contributions. Today, 25 million more Americans are volunteering in their communities than when President Bush spoke of a “thousand points of light” and made his call to service in 1989.

This week, April 6-12, is about inspiring and recognizing volunteers who work together to accomplish a multitude of goals. Join us in this nationwide effort to encourage service and volunteer efforts on your campuses and in your communities.

Make sure to follow Phi Kappa Phi on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as we highlight and celebrate various service efforts throughout the week. We also want to know what service projects you are participating in this week. Tell us or show us using #NVW2014!

To learn more about National Volunteer Week, click here.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Member Benefits Highlights – April 2014

No April Fools’ pranks here! Don’t miss out on these great deals and opportunities exclusively available to Phi Kappa Phi members throughout April.

Phi Kappa Phi has teamed up with Commerce Bank to offer members a Visa® rewards credit card! The new credit card is the perfect way for members to show their Phi Kappa Phi pride everywhere Visa is accepted, as well as earn rewards points redeemable for thousands of rewards items. Other benefits include 20 percent off Phi Kappa Phi merchandise purchases, no annual fee, low introductory rate for first 6 months, $100,000 travel accident insurance and much more. To sign up for the Phi Kappa Phi Visa credit card and take advantage of the great benefits, click here.

Show your smarts on graduation day with Phi Kappa Phi gear! Save $5 and receive a free Society tassel with attached Phi Kappa Phi charm when you buy all three recognition items (the Phi Kappa Phi medallion, cord and honor stole). Learn more including details for ordering here. Protocol for wearing graduation recognition items varies from school to school. Please check with your college or university before ordering.

Qualifying Phi Kappa Phi members can get an exclusive discount of up to 8% when requesting a quote from GEICO. To get a quote, click here. Existing GEICO customers may also be eligible for this discount. To enroll, call 800.368.2734. Did you know? Each time you request a quote, GEICO makes a contribution to the Society, helping to support Awards & Grants. Be sure to search for "The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi" in the list of partners when requesting a quote.

Looking for a new computer or tablet to help keep up with coursework and finals preparation? Save up to 25% on select Lenovo laptops, PCs, tablets, accessories and more when you visit the Lenovo Phi Kappa Phi Store.

Enhance your spring cleaning when you go from paperwork to paperless with Shoeboxed! Shoeboxed provides a fast, easy way to turn your important paper documents such as receipts, bills, business cards, and more into organized digital data. Your documents will be carefully sorted and scanned into a secure online account. All of the organized data, including an IRS-accepted image of each document, is then human-verified, categorized, and accessible anytime, anywhere. As a Phi Kappa Phi member, you are eligible to receive 20 percent off your first six months when you subscribe. Sign up using this link to receive the discount and begin eliminating your paper clutter today!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wear Your Pin to Win! Contest Winner Selected

Congratulations to Vanessa A. Sansone (right), a member of The University of Texas at San Antonio chapter, for being randomly selected as the third winner in the Phi Kappa Phi Wear Your Pin to Win photo contest! As the winner, Sansone will receive a $100 gift card.

“I wear my pin on campus as an outward symbol to promote my chapter of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, as well as, encourage other Hispanics that we can and should be top scholars,” said Vanessa.

Didn't win this time? Don't worry! The Wear Your Pin to Win contest is still running and a new winner will be selected randomly at the end of June. 

To enter, post a photo of yourself wearing your Society pin in public to the Phi Kappa Phi Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram (@PhiKappaPhi) by June 30. Be sure to include why you wear your Society pin along with #WearYourPinToWin! Must be an active Society member to enter.

To see all entries to date, click here.

Questions? Email hbreaux@phikappaphi.org.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Volunteer Spotlight – April 2014

Bridgette Cram
Vice President for Students

Name: Bridgette Cram

Volunteer Position:
Vice President for Students

Years of Service:
Served on 2010-2012 Council of Students, national Board of Directors since 2012, and served my local chapter prior 

Degree(s)/Discipline: B.A. International Affairs and Spanish and M.S. Higher Education from Florida State University; currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Public Affairs from Florida International University

How did you become involved as a Phi Kappa Phi volunteer?

I first became involved as a Phi Kappa Phi volunteer through my local chapter at Florida State University. I was encouraged to become a student vice president by my mentor and served in this position at both the undergraduate and graduate level. 

What has Phi Kappa Phi done that has made you proud?
I am very proud of Phi Kappa Phi's dedication to literacy. The literacy grants are an excellent example of "letting the love of learning rule humanity," as it provides funding to great programs that enhance literacy for students of all ages. In addition, the Council of Students has just started a book drive competition, which is also a point of pride for me.

What does Phi Kappa Phi mean to you?
To me, Phi Kappa Phi means excellence. However, not only excellence in terms of academics, but also in serving both your community and enhancing your own institutions or workplaces. I think that being a member of Phi Kappa Phi should mean that you strive to foster a love of learning wherever you go, thus making a contribution in your own unique way.

What do you enjoy most about being a board/committee member?
I enjoy the opportunity to engage with my fellow colleagues in making every effort to make sure that Phi Kappa Phi is the best organization it can be. The board meetings provide an excellent opportunity to reflect on what Phi Kappa Phi means and what we envision it to mean in 5, 10, or 20 years.

What advice would you give to a new board member?
My best piece of advice would be to have an open mind. Although that seems obvious, I think that it is important to understand the many different stakeholders our organization serves. It is critical to really be able to step back and see how decisions can affect those that are not only in academia, but members at large as well.

See Bridgette's Bio.